The truth about Puppy Mills & Parrot Mills

Parrot MillsA pet can be a wonderful addition to a home.  If you are single or have a family a new dog or a bird could be a welcome new member.  Some people will get a pet to be a companion, others to make them feel safer and still others just like to have another life form to come home to at the end of the day.  But after you decide to get a puppy or a bird where would you go?  For many the first thought is to head to the local pet store.  However, that might not be the best idea.

As cute as many of the animals you may find at a store look, they tend to come from a mill.  Puppy mills and parrot mills have been exposed in the past few years and consumers are learning how they are run.  These mills are businesses.  And as a business their chief concern is to make a profit.  While there is nothing wrong with that, problems do arise when a company decides to cut corners to maximize their profit.

These companies don’t care about the animals they are raising.  In most cases they only view the animals they sell as a commodity, like a pair of socks.  In puppy mills they will keep the dogs in the smallest possible cage.  Normally females will be kept in a constant breeding program, weaning her puppies as soon as possible and the mom will go on to start with a new batch.  Dogs will receive next to no medical care which when mixed with the fact they are often forced to stand in their own leaving many medical issues can arise.

Parrot mills are no better.  They often resemble more of a factory than a healthy breeding program.  Once a parrot lays a fertile egg it is taken and placed in an incubator.  If the egg hatches it will be placed in a small cage, it will be feed by putting a tube down its throat so food can be dripped directly into its crop.  The birds won’t associate actual food with feeding but with the tube. To wean these chicks they just stop feeding the chick until it is willing to eat solid food.  Often they will use lots of antibiotics instead of having properly cleaned set ups.

Animals that come from either of these set ups will normally have problems as they grow up.  They may have medical conditions or might not socialize well as they grow.  But what can you do to help stop this?  It is simple, when you are looking for a new pet to bring home take some time to find out where it came from.  Often you can find a breeder who raises animals by actually taking care of them.  Another option is to look at a rescue animal.  Most places will have an animal shelter, full of animals that need a new home.  So once you decided to add a new pet be sure you are getting one that isn’t from a mill.