If The Meat Industry Was Honest-10 shoking facts about the industry

meat industryIt’s a fact that many people dislike the meat industry. The harm of the meat industry is often discussed especially the individual animals or vague platitudes that how is it harming the world.

The individual suffering of animals is commonly known and should not be discounted, but it helps you discover the worst condition behind opposition to the meat industry.

It is not only killing the tons of animals, but it has intense negative effects on the entire world. These impacts are not only harmful to the animals, but they are hazardous for the whole human race.

Many global environmental problems are caused by the production and consumption of meat. Decreasing the meat consumption and its replacement with plant-based products is recommended by most of the scientists.

Among many other results, a large amount of forest deforestation and the waste of fresh water can also be stopped by this simple solution.

We will discuss here a few shocking facts with you that will let you know that how the meat industry is destroying our planet.

1. Leading cause of deforestation

One of the biggest problems the world is facing today is Deforestation. Many people know that deforestation is bad for our environment and will have a huge effect on our future, but what’s the reason behind the destruction of all the forests? Unfortunately, the meat industry is the major cause of Amazonian deforestation.

Increasing demand for beef directly results in the 70 percent of deforestation. Most of the beef is consumed by the US and first-world countries.

2. Uses 80 percent of US antibiotics

It is a fact that meat industry is dependent on retaining their animals alive until they are prepared for slaughter. That means that industry requires tons of antibiotics to withstand the various diseases that could plague livestock. Antibiotics are used widely by the US meat producers as compared to the other farmers all around the world.

The shipment of US meat all around the world causes some ethical concerns. 80% of the US antibiotics go to the meat industry. Over 28 million pounds of drugs are consumed by the cows, hogs, and other farm animals a year. The excessive use of antibiotic causes an even greater threat to the world.

3. Extensive bribes to US senators and investors

The industry is tied up in politics since the meat is such a big part of national economies. In the US, $10.8 million is donated to political campaigns and $7 million is spent directly lobbying federally elected officers. A variety of problems is caused by the coziness between meat lobbyists and American political leaders.

4. Leading contributor to droughts

Obviously feeding the animals is necessary for meat industry until they are slaughtered. A massive amount of water is consumed by the full-grown cows and pigs, as it is required for the production of feed necessary to keep them alive. 2500 gallons of water is used by every pound of beef, which is equal to continuously taking a shower every day for six months.

5. It consumes almost half of the land on Earth

Livestock takes up a lot of land along with the water use. Sometimes the land is for animals only, but sometimes animals are kept in cages, where it comes from using the land to increase feed. I.e. 2 – 5 acres of land are consumed by every cow.

6. It diverts gain from countries that could use it

World hunger is a major problem that is increasing continuously. Thousands of organizations are trying to overcome the world hunger, but they all conceive something. There is enough food available in the world but it’s not reaching the right people. The United States alone can feed 800 million people with the grain consumed by their livestock.

7. It increases worldwide obesity and cancer risk

The meat industry preserves the myth that meat is good for you, while the truth is completely opposite to it. Red meat is linked to an increased chance of cardiovascular disease. Consumption of processed meat has recently been shown to extend the risk of various types of cancer.

8. It’s a leading cause of ocean dead zones and water pollution

Oceans dead zones are also dangerous for humans. Fish can also be toxic and have adverse health effects if eaten.

9:-Another mind-blowing fact about the meat industry is that it’s one of the leading causes of mass extinction.

10:-Last but not the least is that the species that are being used by the meat industry they are at the alarming state, and they would disappear from the earth if it goes the same.

Meat industry will never reveal these facts because no one wants to destroy their business by their on hands.