If The Meat Industry Was Honest-10 shoking facts about the industry

meat industryIt’s a fact that many people dislike the meat industry. The harm of the meat industry is often discussed especially the individual animals or vague platitudes that how is it harming the world.

The individual suffering of animals is commonly known and should not be discounted, but it helps you discover the worst condition behind opposition to the meat industry.

It is not only killing the tons of animals, but it has intense negative effects on the entire world. These impacts are not only harmful to the animals, but they are hazardous for the whole human race. Continue reading “If The Meat Industry Was Honest-10 shoking facts about the industry”

The truth about Puppy Mills & Parrot Mills

Parrot MillsA pet can be a wonderful addition to a home.  If you are single or have a family a new dog or a bird could be a welcome new member.  Some people will get a pet to be a companion, others to make them feel safer and still others just like to have another life form to come home to at the end of the day.  But after you decide to get a puppy or a bird where would you go?  For many the first thought is to head to the local pet store.  However, that might not be the best idea. Continue reading “The truth about Puppy Mills & Parrot Mills”

The Truth of the Pet Trade….in memory of Bailey

After almost a year of research on larger birds (we have budgies) my husband and I decided upon a Conure. I purchased a Blue Crown Conure  from Park Avenue Birds on parrotAugust 22, 2004. We named or dear sweet baby  bird who hatched on May 12, 2004 Bailey. Bailey went for his initial  vet check on August 27, 2004 with our Avian Vet. He was at 116 grams,  severely under weight for his breed, and our vet felt that Bailey was  not healthy. He was constantly fluffed up, listless, and wasting away  before my eyes. Our vet ran a CBC, gram stain, did a crop flush, and  administered subcutaneous fluids because Bailey was severally  dehydrated. Our vet also sent out a sample from the crop wash for a  gram stain. Continue reading “The Truth of the Pet Trade….in memory of Bailey”